Snorkel Day


Explore some of Cancun's most stunning underwater worlds during this shipwreck swim and snorkel tour. Paddle through tropical fish, coral reefs, shipwrecks, and much more!

Beach,lagoon and cenote :  Akumal,El Cristalino and Yalku.

Enjoy a wonderful day, swiming or snorkeling the three top places . ( Snorkeling equipment included only at akumal beach).

Akumal Is known as the place of the turtle “Place of the turtles” but is also the home of Yal Ku lagoon, unique snorkeling adventure in a coastal lagoon

The combination of blue waters, amazing sea turtles, monumental coral reefs, soft white sandy beaches and tranquility has for years defined this beautiful place .

The Akumal turtles are plentiful and used to the presence of humans. You can get close to the turtles (while still respecting their space!). As they get used to you, you can appreciate their strong front fins that propel them through the water. As they come up for air, you can look them in the eye and see the strength and grace they project.

Cenote Cristalino is one of the good cenotes that are easily reached from Playa Del Carmen. This cenote is just about 15 minutes south of Playa on the 307 Highwa.

Cenote Cristalino is a “U” shape and is open, meaning not in a cave. There are more mangrove plants here the nearby cenotes, giving it a lush feel. It also seems to be more little fish that like to suck on your skin. It does not hurt, it just tickles. If you are swimming around they leave you alone but if you dangle your feet in the water you will see them swimming around you.

Yal Ku Nothing comes close to the fantastic experience of snorkeling at Yal-ku Lagoon.A perfect snorkeling location in Akumal.

Yal Ku Lagoon is an inland lagoon that connects to the Caribbean. Fresh water from surrounding cenotes escapes to the sea in this area. The result is a calm waterway that mixes both fresh and salt water called brackish water and creates a home for many fish species. This natural estuary is full of both fresh and salt water fish in an area no deeper than 10 feet/4 meters. Families, beginner snorkelers or those seeking calm waters with an easy entrance gravitate to the area in search of fish and sea life.

Some reminders & recommendations:

Wearing comfortable clothes, swimwear, soft or tennis shoes , hat or cap, mosquito repellent, biodegradable sunscreen and some (You can only use biodegradable products on the reef and beach) extra cash for any purchases.

Tour includes:

  • Private round trip transportation. 

  • English speaking driver.

  • Entrance fee.

  • Bottled drinking water on board.

  • snorkeling equipment only at akumal beach



In order to avoid crowds we recommend starting your tour as early as 7:00 to 7:30 am,approximate duration 9 hrs.

Very important: According to the federal transportation law, we can only carry the number of passengers previously booked. If for instance you need to add another passenger, please notify 24 hours prior to your tour date. Please reconfirm your pick up time at least 48 hours prior the date of tour. By sending us an E-mail to:  

Number of Pax USD Rates CAN Rates
1 Pax $ 280.00 $ 370.00
2 Pax $ 300.00 $ 390.00
3 Pax $ 350.00 $ 470.00
4 Pax $ 400.00 $ 530.00
5 Pax $ 460.00 $ 610.00
6 Pax $ 520.00 $ 680.00
7 Pax $ 510.00 $ 680.00
8 Pax $ 620.00 $ 810.00
9 Pax $ 680.00 $ 910.00
10 Pax $ 720.00 $ 960.00
Children 5-11 Years old